Hate City Book Tour & Giveaway

Hate City

NEW RELEASE…. After a life filled with destruction of others and himself, and his body ravaged by disease, there’s only one thing left for Javier Calero to do. Leave a legacy that will finally bring meaning to his life—and to the death of an American president more than fifty years ago. The CEO of a […]

Another Day in Paradise – Review & Giveaway

Revenge In Paradise

When a man of questionable character’s corpse is found at The Cottages, beaten to death with Madison’s own gardening tools, she and her partner, Fab, set out to prove that the man’s abused girlfriend did not kill him. Along the way, Madison finds herself behind bars twice, held hostage in a mansion, and running from […]

Hangtime with Hango – Let’s Do Lunch!


Let’s DO Lunch! It’s a great time of year – weather is warmer and packing lunch is the right thing to do. You can eat outside more often, and you can pack however much you want or share with a friend. The only question is in what should you pack your lunch? Our family are […]

Henry Gallant and the Warrior

In the 22th Century, the people of the Solar System have banded together against an alien invasion. Unfortunately, they’re losing—badly. As the only Natural remaining in the genetically engineered officer corps of the United Planet’s fleet, Henry Gallant has unique mental abilities that have proven essential to the defense against the Titan invaders. Nevertheless his […]

$1,000 Mothers Day Shopping Spree with BoomBoom Prints

Boom Boom Print

Win a $1,000 Mother’s Day Shopping Spree! BoomBoom Prints is an exciting new company that connects graphic designers with young families and they are giving away a $1,000 shopping spree! Already interested? Enter here! At least one mom this year will receive a gift of a life time for Mother’s Day- a $1,000 shopping spree from […]

Jill Cooper’s YA Series Celebration & Giveaway

jill ya celeb giveaway

Author Jill Cooper just released her second novel in the Rewind Agency Series, Plugged and is currently writing the third novel, Detached. To celebrate her awesome YA series she decided to giveaway a fantastic Lit-Cube that is YA themed! If you haven’t heard of Lit-Cube it’s a very fun company that feeds a hopeless book geek […]