D is Divinely Inspired to Dance

By | April 4, 2012
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Lee Ann Womack’s rendition of “I hope you Dance” is one of the most emotionally packed meaningful songs ever recorded. It captures everything I want my kids to know about life, and my very best friends as well. When a good friend of mine was going through a trying time, I packed it right up and sent it to her – I wanted her to know that no matter what life offers, it is ours to choose whether to stand on the wall and watch it unfold, or to jump right into the dance.

God gives us that opportunity with His word too. I have often loved to hear some of the more oratorically gifted preachers of God’s word say “it is written in the volume of a book.” When they speak those words with voices of authority, emboldened with power from on high, it is as if even a child could open that book and find out all the mysteries within the volume.

It really is that simple, and yet still so complicated. The word of God is not revealed to any man who has not first come through the son of God – thereby making him like a child, born again. However, there is another part to gaining the understanding of the mysteries of the Bible. It is called Divine Revelation. Did you hear the piano and violin playing in the background when you read that? Try it again. Divine Revelation. Yes, surely you heard the music that time?

Divine Revelation is when the anointing of God meets with your Spirit through the Holy Spirit and reveals truth to you. This imparting of wisdom cannot come by any other means than through the Holy Spirit – so that if you have not received the Holy Spirit, you can never receive Divine Revelation. Thereby, any child being born again can open the volume of the book and find out all the mysteries within that bound text. Yet other men, women and children will read it and say it is just a story made up by a covert group of people – the likes of never seen before or since.

When God imparts a new understanding upon me regarding His word that changes my understanding, I am delighted. I don’t stand on the wall with that understanding, I take it out and put it to use – I get in the dance.


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