G is for ….Grandparents

By | April 7, 2012
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Was that anti-climatic? G is for so much Godliness that I surely could have chosen something besides Grandparents, right? But I wanted to write about the Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game I just got in the mail, and I won it from Educational Insights. I am so psyched about using it as a learning tool with my son.

Also, I can often be read saying “I am Elizabeth’s Granddaughter, the spitting image of my Father, and when the day is done my mother’s still my biggest fan.” I kind of revamped the line of one of my favorite country songs. I love that song, and it is so true of me – my grandmothers are a huge part of who I am.

My grandmother Margaret (which I have also seen written as Marguerite) was a praying woman. She prayed so well. My Dad inherited that from her, and every morning at 5 a.m. he could be found in his attic office on his knees before the Lord praying for his family, just like his mother had done before him. She also had anointed hands. Grandma’s hands were big, and they were anointed. She baked, and nobody could bake like her; but she gave her baked goods away. That was part of her service to the Lord. I inherited that from her. I bake, and although I don’t advertise it, I can bake some of her specialties – only with the anointing.

My grandmother Elizabeth ‘Joe’ was a trail blazer and a common sense matriarch. She knew how to thrive in all times with the work of her hands; and how to be a lady who takes care of business. My infatuation with Tyler Perry was because Grandma carried her friends Smith & Wesson on the regular, in a lady like style and fashion. Nobody would knew unless they needed to be shown. She taught us that in this world there are times when you have to take off your blinders. You can put them back on after the business is done. When we were little girls, she would meet us at our bus stop and walk us home from school, or take us to dinner at the Brown Derby, and have us over for sleep overs where she fell asleep before we did.

Now my Mom is the grandmother. She spends time with my daughter and son. They learn so much from her, a lot of which is important and some which I call her on the phone about. She laughs at me and says ‘those are my grandchildren’. Grandparents are untouchables. The bible says that the older women teach the younger women, and that is how the cycle of learning continues through generations. When that cycle is broken there is a generational mishap. We’ve seen the result of that in our own society.

That’s why my G is for Grandparents. With an ever widening elder population, we have to harness the strength and wisdom of that population and redirect it to a misled generation. I didn’t even tap into Grandfathers because it would have made this post into a dissertation. As a society we let our resources slip out of our hands time and time again until some other brain trust captures something similar and shows us what they have done with it. Our elders are not living longer for no reason. They are here to show us a new way. We shouldn’t miss it while we have the chance.


6 thoughts on “G is for ….Grandparents

  1. Theresa

    I loved my grandmothers. One was very worldly and love the lord. The other one loved the Lord and lived in this world. There was never a dull moment between them and sometimes we were blessed to have them both in the house together and it was a on and popping good times. Cooks,bakers, women of wisdom (all grounds covered), love, laughter, insight to grandpaw and lots of hugs to go around. I am also praying I can give to my grandchildren what they gave to me.


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