O is for Opportunity

By | April 17, 2012
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Favorable or advantageous chance or opening – opportunity. 

What is to be said about opportunity? It’s amazing that a new one can always be found, no matter how you treated the last one that came along. The next one may or may not be better than the last, but it is what you make of it.

Is opportunity equally given to every person? Yes, but not the same opportunity, nor at the same interval of time. We assume that opportunity should be equal, and that by issue of birth we are entitled to such. However, being born does not entitle us to anything but life. But the arbitrator of life has granted us such as grace and mercy so that we get some valuable gifts every day that we have not earned. New mercies and grace that follows us, and blessings that fall upon the saved as well as the unsaved.

And new opportunities – every day. So today, whether big or small, take every opportunity you encounter and use it!

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3 thoughts on “O is for Opportunity

  1. Jeremy Bates

    Golden opportunities are rare, so it is best to take hold of them while there is a chance. Many of us miss opportunities because of our hectic lives, indifference, or as a result of a lack of imagination.

    I believe a grand opportunity is upon me as I type this, but the few I have entrusted my idea and plans to are naysayers. Time will tell who was right.

  2. Jarm Del Boccio

    Sometimes, what we see as a tragedy, is actually an opportunity in disguise…God makes it so! Thanks for your insights today, Elizabeth…


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