Q is for Questions

By | April 20, 2012
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Should I question what the pastor is saying? Should I question what the learned leader is telling me about scholarly points of academia? Should I question why we are at war and what exactly we are protecting or fighting for or against? Should I question my local pizza shop owner about the cleanliness of the prep area? Should I question the board of directors about the plan for a turbulent economic market and my job security? Should I ask the new Deacon about the rumors that precede him regarding his immoral character and poor financial judgment at the church meeting?

What is the answer to all of these questions? Definitely and defiantly – YES. Why? Because questions are our first line of defense against being led blindly to slaughter.

To question is not to be aggressive (not always, though sometimes it is necessary); but through careful planning to be prepared to gain important information that clarifies situations or issues. One should never stand for anything one doesn’t know clearly. You need to know a matter to defend or negate it.

For instance, how can you support a political candidate as a member of my church if they do not support social justice? Well, you could not, because my church creed specifically states that we abhor social injustice in any form and will support the fight for that justice. Therefore, if you want to know what an incoming pastoral candidates stance is on social injustice, you had better ask.

Questions: We spend so little time using them for the purpose for which they are intended. They stir up debate, which in it’s true form is a method of exchanging views, and the art of persuasion – not political semantics and verbal body slamming.

What are some questions you may need to ask today?


11 thoughts on “Q is for Questions

  1. Brooke

    Yes, always ask questions! It's how we learn and grow.

    A friend of mine is running for political office and I haven't gotten the courage yet to ask him on some of his talking points.

  2. Nicoyle Simmons

    I agree if you have questions about anything, then how would you get your answer without asking. It's better to ask then assume and not have the correct answer.

  3. HB the Cupcake Princess

    If you don't ask questions they fester in your mind. Asking questions is the only way to get peace of mind. I have many questions, some that I am wanting to ask but afraid of backlash so my peace of mind is unsettled. Thanks for the post, I will be asking the unsettling questions!

  4. Melody0605

    Questions are always important. I love a great (friendly) debate. I'm also a person who questions a lot of things :0)


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