UBC #9 – 7 of the most memorable days in my life

By | July 18, 2012
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I thought I would share 7 of the most important impressionable, okay memorable days in my life. Moments I just cannot forget, no matter how much I cry, drink or try. They just stick with me, and some of them have shaped me. Here goes:

  1. My 1st boy Valentines day – Being a slow bloomer, I never really had a boyfriend, so to speak, in grade school or high school like lots of other girls. When Valentines day came around I didn’t have anybody outside of my family to give me cards and sweethearts and candy. But my family never forgot. This particular year, my older sister was very thoughtful. She made my nephew into a cupid and he ran across the bedroom saying ‘Happy Valentines Day’. He was naked with a banner wrapped across him that said Valentine Cupid. He was about 3 years old. We laughed and laughed. I would tell you that we have the picture but it might get us arrested and called bad words on postcards sent out to the whole community.
  2. The first time I addressed the whole of the 2nd District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church from the podium for the 1st time – or “Hey y’all, My name is Elizabeth Sanders, but most of you all know me as Buffi.” – That was the step over a threshold for me. I had spoken to smaller groups, facilitated group meetings, been the President over districts – but this was the whole of a group representing several states. I was intimidated by some of the people in the audience on a regular basis and always nervous about messing up that ‘p’ word – protocol. But I did it, and I was a hit.
  3. Graduation Day! When I got my Masters degree from The Ohio State University. There was just something special in the air, and I felt like I could float or break forth in praise at any moment.  The people I love the most were there with me, and Dr. Raymond Wise was sitting right behind me getting his Music degree. I think we were both ready to jump up out of those seats and dance.
  4. That crazy scary dude on the dance floor – A man did the sex pistol dance toward me from the dance floor. He used his ‘gun’ pointer hands and everything. My friends were like ‘ooooooh, girl’ and he was standing in front of us on the dance floor banging his pelvis toward me and shooting his fingers toward me all at the same time. I kindly got up, picked up my purse, and walked straight out of the club to my car and went home. I called my girlfriend from the interstate to tell her I was almost home. She didn’t even know I had left.
  5. The first day I opened a Jill Conner Browne book and found out I was born in the wrong part of the country, and am actually a Sweet Potato Queen. Actually put my life into perspective, made me realize that everything is better with gravy, my girlfriends DO know me best and CAN commiserate and/or encourage me better than anyone, and for the most part whatever it is, it should be fun, fabulous, and fantastic if it represents me!
  6. The bird flew over the cuckoos – literally – When I was 8 months pregnant, a bird got into my moms house through the chimney. My sister Paula and I were apparently the only two special victims home, because we rigged up this circus of sheets to lure the bird out of the back door which we had propped open. The sheets were kind of like a tunnel so that the only option was for the bird to travel toward the lit and open back door. Nobody told us that we were being obtuse and when the bird was flying around the maze to get out of the door, I kind of dived across the tiled kitchen floor on the side of my pregnant belly while my sister was shooing the bird out of the door. Once we assessed that the baby was okay, because I dived on my side and not my head, we laughed like silly school girls. Who does all of that?
  7. When, while driving down a main avenue in my city with my girl, Tricia, a somewhat crazed older woman with a triangle haircut pulled up her shirt and flashed us her spectacularly white old fashioned Gold Circle brassiere. In case we didn’t see it the first time, she did it again. We stopped our conversation, the car filled with pure silence for 3 seconds, and then we both burst out laughing. The lady was looking at us as if to say “You know nothing about this.” And neither do I want to….

Life is made up of a number of miscellaneous moments. I love those moments, and having them with friends and family. It’s great when you can call up a friend and say ‘remember that time when….’


What are some of your most memorable moments?


8 thoughts on “UBC #9 – 7 of the most memorable days in my life

  1. Johannah

    I remember going to a relatives house thousands of miles away… and after eating what they gave us — going out for a “sightseeing” tour of town — because we were still hungry and needed to eat. At first I just complained to hubby I was still hungry, but after a few meals of almost nothing, he couldn’t wait to get out and eat either.
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