My Faith Says…Do A New Thing…Be Thankful

By | September 18, 2013
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Be ThankfulHey there, Early Risers! This morning was all about being thankful. I can’t even begin to express my thankfulness. I have some of the world’s greatest children. My mind is fully functional. I have an awesome new opportunity to share with you. I am thankful. Every day I find something to thank God for, because I have breath.

I believe today’s 15 minute challenge might have been difficult for someone who thought they didn’t have much to be thankful for because sometimes hope isn’t wrapped up pretty with a bow. Sometimes hope is just one more night that leads to a new morning, or one more meal that leads to a full stomach. There is always a story that is different from my own – but my thankfulness is still as strong.

I hope you feel free to share some of the things that you are thankful for that go further than surface deep in the comment section today!

Don’t forget to get ready for tomorrow’s 15 minutes! It’s a big one – consider what happens in your life when the holiday’s come. Wow. I, personally, will need way more than 15 minutes for this one. Holidays are a time when the rate of depression and suicide go up exponentially, second only to Valentine’s Day.  The best thing for us is to be proactive and to make a plan now! What happens to you, emotionally, physically, spiritually – during the holidays? Get ready tonight for this one.

My Faith Says

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